Talk about the real of loves

 I think that the reality of loves 、real love should have at below of several characters--

   One of the loves I really to feeling ,It should have the most of importance of passion inside, It's given to passion,or to say devoted of passion。 these it's looks like the morality of preach,But you go to carefully to think,the really of the loves that are such。 If you love to certain person It's really,which You will think for her to do somethings ,It's can't hold of self,want to let her happly,must have such a kind of strong desire,and It's really not requested reward。 loves should give it's basic,It's

 a kind of devote of passion, such a devoted of passion isn't the origin of concept,isn't the origin of ethic morality,isn't the origin of duty,It's the complete origin of emotion。 If the certain person who said love you,But just want to take her,only want  to pay out make you,He doesn't have to give you of passion,I to feel that It's just origin sexual of passion,that's not the loves

    There are other of the person in this world,He probably won't give you forever,that is selfish of person,he whenever to follow who It's the sames,It's not to say who don't love you,Her even if especially love certain person,It's especially to love in his heart,But he still such。 he belongs to that kind of not regards another person of folk, It focuses on self for centel,Who you will probably meet such of person。 If you meeting such a person,cenrtainly,You will feel to acceptable,But you demand have mental to ready,Bear that a result。 I think such a person who should lack the ability of love,fi you make an idea find me to help for you,I advise you to give up。 this is one of the situations。 another one of the situations who he is one of normal of person,my means that isn't especially selfish,He has given of ability,If It's really to love,he is willing to give ,But he doesn't have to give you who such a kind of impulse ,he doesn't want to do something for you。 If belong to such of situation,I think to feel the ability to make a decision out,He didn't have the really to love you,At least the love of grade too weak。

     I think the love between both,such kinds of each other to help,each other have such a kind of gave passion,each other to care ,you care about her,opposite her care about you too,This so important。 care about certain person,this is available the sign of loves, pain of heart It's emotion the most of natural expose,It's the real origin of heart inside。 at the reality of love, ,must be painful of each other。 I believe,everyone wants to care about by a certain person,No one who firmly to such a step in the world,He doesn't want to care for people。 I already to said,at this the world,everybody is alonely,when you get born as a nude of com on this earth,drop on from No to exsit,the finally It's back to original of not exist ,When you encounter and happen the big of accident,No one of parents embrace to be able to protect you,You think how many children get cancer in the world,,As the parents still no methods。 so when you grow up ,still the same,isn't?while you grow up after,You meeting natural accident who can protect you?so I said:actually everybody belongs alone person,It's everybody of the alonely。 so as the love each other process,I think the one of normal relationship should which each other to care about,you care about her,her care about you as well。

    If a person who to another person not care about,I feel have a problem inside,Probably the love each other not enough,It's often someone asks to this questions:As the two people to love,which important the love and the love by certain person?for instance,I and him to make friend,I so much love him,He also seems to have a bit love me,But I am sure It's not too love me,But I so love hi

im,At this time I need to make a decision,whether continue to keep the relationship。 certainly, ,If I very love him ,Even if he didn't love too,I also rather bear,So I probably make a decision whether continue to keep relationship always。 But if belongs such a situation,I worth suspicious whether go on keep relationship each other,sometimes,this is a kind of a must to do and agree with,If having the better of more to choice,This agree with will be over at once。 I feel in love,love and by the love of certain

person of the same importance ,both impossible lack。 You love in who a person,The same of opposite to love you hope。 nobody just to pay ,Don't want to any reward,this is not only asking for and reward problem,ask for a reward of benefits issue,and wish the same by loving belongs emotional of stuff,No relate to benefit。 both emotion, not fair,Time long to past,the strong emotions of one side that will feel sorrow,, In fact, the weak of one side also won't feel satisfied。 at in love,both satisfy scare is depended on the weak emotional of one side。 for instance, ,“A” Love “B” ten scores ,opposite “B” Love “A” five score,both only get five scores of satisfying up to,The rest of five scores live of lack,“A” It's a pity,“B” It's a kind of sorrow,It's dive in danger inside。

    Another point,I think It keeps stay a long time of each other love,rather take a short。 If the time so short,Just one of charming,I think that probably is one of sexual desire。 Possible while you flash one eye already in love this person,But so fast It's the will to past,forgot him tomorrow,certainly that's not the loves,both between each other also possible “in love”,but both together don't will stay a long time of themself,each other will discover various of had behavior,So each other can't keep stay down always,You can to say :this is a section of loves?I feel that's cannot say,Only to say the loves of survive time,should have the lower of limit,This love so for a quality guarantee。 If under this limit,the time so short,though at the time so hot,but both side of emotion experience and don't have rest deeper crack,that's only can say a section of charming,cannot as loves。this truth I think too simple,so not say to more。

    The third point ,I think the reality of loves that should focus on ,rather various of。 At the same time love in several people ,,I feel that's impossible,at the same time to many of several people have good touch It's possible,But at the same time love in many of person, It's impossible。 such of the problem so complex,I feel the bigger of conflict love It's here。 such as to say:I absolutely so love her,my best of love,But I also love another person at the same time, It's often happening in this situation。 When you love in certain person after,You still completely probably produce good tough with another person。You are still have attracted by another person。 that's a fact。 so at this issue that the love whether the focus on single to opposite,I think the most conflict focus on love emotions and sexual emotions


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