Broken point、broken point

That Once upon a time no contact of the person get married at least,follow the other people,when we are separated each other for the whole six years after。 It's “jiaozi” take me the letters,,“jiaozi” It's usual to leak of the words and accident take a break to stab hurt of my heart。 suddenly I discover,I already so long and too long don't have to use the pen,as six years ago,you teach me how to write a diary,make per rhyme of the pen write into us the mark。 then at this time face to the time bell,I was silly that the one and the one write out of self the career,space hole,write the past of memory,too naive。

   That around of the things always can't take off and ever take up the best soft place of in my heart,you are the first love of me, It seems the all。 it's the first time in dawn each other to meeting,the dark of road light to shine all of loves color,I have notices tightly the hand of you,stay to keep for me lift up that the black of wrinkle umbrella,then a bit and a bit make them smooth,When I to hold it again once,It's looks like back to that a pure period。

   The pure period of thick emotion,those almost take up of you and I ,let us always the mental so excitting,don't know the tiredness。 too much expend up, It needs to pay back always,one year of the usually time,forth and back repeat again always gradual crawl up the table of tiredness,follow me one by one of lonely。 in the university wonder of one person, ,make the deep autumn of trees dropped the rains,In the weekend of boring night,twenty-one point thirty minutes of in library  a few crowds ,there is many of seat here,same reminder me It's

 Should be apart carry on the package .classwork had finished yet, but till into the exam classroom still scare off, the weather became cool and It's chilly in the heart. the leaves coast down followed by black wind, in per crack of breeze, I can find out the life very weak,that a lash light comes from library,that wind from per place nude of ground crawl,from rock income out,from flowers jar come out,from between two build block of leak come out,from the concert of the thick song come out。 walk on the tar road,walk on the marble board,down stage come on the stone of the road,through shortcut walk on mud road,the road light is dark dawn too,make person shadow sketch the more longest,come on again ,gradual stretch longest again。

   I said:the other one very better as well,becuase of have“the other person ”take care” that over the side of person,on the other people body plant in“mantuoluo” fragment,spicy spread and confuse,His private desire 、disgusting、sorrow,the all of the original crime lose out,the original crime wrapped soul take away,left a set of virtual of body,the heart never complete yet,looks like bump out a skeleton by ironstone slice,hold full of chilly wind,cannot shut up of the doors

 like the young period to play“look for friends” to now, It's good to look for self where in live,no ways to place of the youth of soul It's so scary。

   If can't hold up ,the sole take out of double hands shake,hard-working to protect self in windy,It's to taste so long of tender,speak out its so prize ,but why to let you attach up body It's really,“don't fear one person” Just the one of the broken person of no get help whenever too?the dawn is coming always,just fear you can't bear that blood color of extreme romantic。

   It's really sorrow,go too generous to lose ,realize the pain,so lose the freedom。 each other effect,it's so easy of personal touched,It's the best of taking care alone,so that I carefully walk on road,carefully slowly to walk ,afriad the suddenly loose scale,foot step stab of you wound。 the time can be step,and also can use  broken back return fresh shine,so doubt of the life,and also never forgot fantasy warm,so bear the hurt and painful,and also bitter always the deep of emotions,these it's Should

our usual sick, isn't it?

  throughout this developed city,from in-car toward outside can see more and more crowd don't have into the chilly wind in,loudsoeaker small sounds is sing name“suda gree” song,“suddenly you have discovered of me all of change,in first of smile tears in enjoying 、cry、sad、fun had verified,however you never to change it when I depart after,,however I always go ahead when you apart after,time flies,your world step by step far away too。 suddenly one day,by you that road became light,I will insist to go ahead,if that float of light was only able to shine our of the first time meeting。


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