When graduated each break up connection, actually it is very normal

    When in university, numerous people usually would face their of the first time the love, because of in this age, self has been growth became adult, no longer have pass the exam frequently, also own the more free time, before enter in university, suppose it has exist some eager, also just very ingnorant, no dare really to do what, just focus on energy to pass exam, When waiting the all it right the opportunity coming, right it is lovers love good seaon.
    In twenty around the age, go beginning a passage the love, the people usually would have some common realize, feeling from school apparel to wedding, this is very fine things, however in reality the life, though have some the lovers had been graduated, but they still life along, numerous people when them once get graduated to break up.
   Right now get graduated, formal step in society, beginning for self to responsibility, that would break up each the emotions.
  discuss this, this seem saw
really not should, actually think a think, this is also very normal
    Originally dislike, just fun
    Perhaps have several of the girl and the boy, each was mutual enjoy, really wants life together, so became the campus the lovers, But also exsit not less the people, they are not cause like, just because wants own the love.
  They feeling in university if suppose not own  the love, would feeling might lost what, caused so dull life in university, so although don't have how envy and eager, but also still would go to pursuit certain people, would with certain people have a the new start, be the boy and the girl friends.
    Then also like that lovers same each get along life, occsional get along, often together to do a little what, also would hand to hand each and hug what
   But each though also in loving, but in end them aren't go the heart, also don't have ever seriously to think and plan wants together go how long.
   So when each had been graduated, then unecessary  go to school again, 
however would like the adult same who plan in the future, also don't have that energy go keep on this passage the love, just wants each could separate.
    anyway,just for could hunt fun, it isn't for could get a good result, since the eager has get the back, also not again have the pity。
  To each after, naturally wants really talking a times the love, rather than for love to the love.
    At that the time, in many people heart, really would sense in the school of that talking the love, just rather dull, would forward the more meaning a little,  also the more hotter some.
    different of the choice, each both don't willing to compromise
     it different of junior、primary and senior school, the student them come from the same place, when to university, the student them usually. come from everywhere of national.
  also as said, many of the lovers, they aren't the native people, or to said, suppose 
among one people it is, the another people big probably rate it isn't, per each probably come from the diferent of the city, even them distance the more far.
    in campus, each talking the love probably unnecessary consider too many, but when each has been graduated, who have to consider their future.
  At this time, as each weren't from the same place, as graduated comes, each of the choice, usually also will them the distance very big.
  Have people would make a decide stay that a the city, some people would decide go to the more that the city, some people would choice them back the country to life, as this situation, many of the lovers probably would appear the opinion branch, beginning become the different place, whenever who which don't willing for object to do and make decision to compromise, just wants follow they self that action go to do, in end, naturally also would produce some quarrel.
    When have the opinion quarrel, each also not difinitely wantsq to solve the problem, just would to think,since each the choice so not same,  then just fear and also just the more far , so the long painful than the short painful, directly decision each break up the relationship, Not always up link.
   When each of the student, the family economic, eye slight, the choose, it won't have too big problem, When each graduated after, the each of economic the gap beginning the more big the more  protrude, as this, many of the lovers also won't keep on .
    No ways duty  to the emotions, separate first itself
     Generally to said, after graduated, the young people need to earn money feed themself, couldn't again keep on rely on their parents, for the young people to said, before get graduated their dream very high and big, who dream self when once get graduated, they are difinitely could make out the outstanding achievement, but whileq they really had graduated, they would really get answers, the all it wasn't so too easy.
    Suppose them the university power very strong, exam get score also very excellent, If wants could found a good the job, also it is very diffcult.
     Especially when the most beginning, at all don't have what the job experience, the more would face the kinds of setback, in this passage  period, just for the job relation the stuff, plenty of people would face seriously of anxious, really don't have too much energy, also don't have too much ability, to care their that the love, so easy their the attitude not stable, just want each short while separate.
When self didn't had the ability, at all de have the ways for object to duty,  also just the atittude very unfriendly, the little of tiny the act, really.very easy wants to give up, would lost the object.
     at that moment, in heart who seriously to think, it is not hope of the object with self bear hardship, it is want good stable first, effort for a while.
   Had seriously thought, when own the ability then, again to touch the love, could again look back of the object, that's very good, If suppose couldn't, so regain beginning, regain to own a piece of the love, don't hae give the object in time, left for the others.
    The love it never of a very simple the things.
    If has loved certain people, that's probably need a moment, but wants the emotions keep on,let the relationship keep on , it need difinitely oc physical basical, need each others have enough of firm dreams, need each others could realize good to management.
    However, for right now graduated of people to say, the society experience almost don't have, too much stuff, in fact also didn't certainly.
  That the age, so difficult to bear load much more,  done good let the emotions continue.
 The student era that piece of the love,so it only with the student era has over  to end.
    Due to who could always go on to bottom the people not many, so who could always go on, When really step in marriage of the emotions, it make the people admire.
   The more it is, just it been a sight who could remembered, it become in heart of nice a pity.


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