A couple life whether match, it will have a few sign

  In the world, didn't exist two completely match the soul, also it is said, who want found one with self 100 percent that match object, that usually it was not reality.     When looking object, When enjoy one people, We are permit other side and self, have some different place, weren't anythings it were so very agreement, had a inclusion heart.    When certain people its most advantage of self want, a few small shortcoming,No necessary too care    Suppose if always want look found a quite satisfy, We are at all cann't find it, who would disoppointment in the end. of course, We to incluaion, to accept, But it don't as said, whatever that people it is who, it is what situation, don't go to care, entire accept, still understand how to pick.    Just rather have some wasn't quite satisfy that people, could gradually to adjustment life, When certain each didn't match, also the better don't to inclusion, don't reluctantly, Could reluctantly tempodary, coul

Each the fate didn't over, would have the sign


   The people with the people between of the fate, much the time, that usually only has one times.
    Each met, Has a passage association, then go away too.
    Too many people, Once have lost it, each of the fate also over, since then, although each still life or work of the same city, suppose each of the distance actually very near, also at all won't have the chance to met again.
   Then two people various aspect each won't bother again, per-people has its new life.
   Different it is, also always has a little of relation, though each go separate yet,  between each the fate, didn't unlink always.
     Suppose each between still exist some link, in certain day  the future,  still would has one probably.
    When two people of them the fate don't over, that actually would several of the sign, both side them could sense.
    Each still miss in heart, both all expect.
    If when two people have been separated, each had forgot both, so each the fate, actually has unlink yet, in the future ofq the life, each very hardship would have that could happen little what again.
   Still have the fate that two people, this fate difinitely wasn't the others gave, since still belongs both each in the heart miss .
   Since reason some caused, short time apart the opposite of the life, temporary no method each both still get along life, but that people it though don't around, but always still exist each in the heart, both side always mutual miss.
  Except miss in the heart, actually also always miss the object, attention the object of update, and focus the object of various of social account.
    Always wonder the object of the life how's, being experience some what, its around whether had appear the new people, talking between whether have several words of about oneself, would occsinal relate to myself.
   When two people very miss of the each side, and attention the both, so each so easy see in the dreams, seems could mutual sense, oneself this a piece of miss, it weren't alone.
    This piece of miss, although in the very far place, also always let the both each still tightly link together.
  Though each it very carefully, but sometimes still would left several the mark,  make the opposite could sense.
    Would actively contact, Don't want each unlink
    Always somebody, once each has been separated, who deleted the all of contact ways, directly changed the communication the ways, quit relate the place with opposite side, make the opposite couldn't found self forever, also won't appear in front of the opposite.
  No longer had any link, like this two people, so obviously, was completely actively unlink between each that root thread .
 Since not promise self to look the opposite side, also at all don't willing for the object any of the chance, still make the opposite side appear in oneself the life, with the time flies, of course won't had any result again, the all of the story, early has over it yet.
    Still own the fate of the two people, although each have been separated, each actually also don't willing easy to give up .
    At all don't willing directly with the opposite unlink the connection, still would keep the contact ways, occsinal would look the object talking, watching the object how's life, and for self how's attitude too.
   Also would occsinal to care, When self has known the object meet some problem, when need to help, self directly to go it there.
  Suppost it didn't frequently, or so strange, also always have some the link.
    Take these contact, waiting a opportunity, let the each no longer just distance very far, perhaps really probably each walking into both in life, and could with the opposite the side produced some real physical link, could happened little what.
Or occsinal purppose on, could met again.
    Usually have someone to said, when each own that the fate, so whatever each have distace how far, always that a day would meet each.
  Own the fate that two people, really it was this, never would it really each far away.   
    Because of some opportunity, each didn't could arrange, could each meeting again onces, didn't have that opportunity, because of too wants to see the object, also always self would to creat opportunity.
   Who won'T always to waiting, what won't to do, very carefully to do per-time passage, and arrange.
    Wants the fate to continue, after all couldn't just across the phone screen talking, need really appear in each of face front, really take some sincerely and honest watch the opposite side, really with action to express self opinion.
  When each met again, couldn't sheld self ofq that pleasure, couldn't control self wants told the object that pleasure hurry, the more it is don't willing miss this chance, would directly with the opposite side oppointment well the next time that chance, commom building each the future.
    Double so effort, and the act abilitly very strong of the two people, were won't too easy break, suppose has break up, each also still would keep on.
   Two people in the heart originally own mutual, just one met the each, didn't what problem it couldn't quarrel, with the time flies, each the more ripe, 
also would the more have intelligent to deal of each between relationship, could the more good to treassure this fate.
  The fate, We always think that's the god order, If certain.things it belongs our, so it is our, If not belongs our, so it not belongs us.
  Actually, much things, that base on the people how to do.
    Whenever meet who, we probably couldn't expect, But when each met after, the opposite side it whether would stay, then how's development, it base on yourself, base on oneself agreement, also base on oneself of choice.
  Just oneself really wants a people stay, also it really has to strive, it have that probably let the object stay, the same also like this.
   It weren't to said the god difinitely would let us to meeting, it is let us to creat and make  that opportunity, must oneself to think, oneself really has been action, 
    the all probably became real.
  Nothing, really it was actively, it base on yourself how to think and to do!


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