Must far away those who always has blame and scold you of those people

   A few people always said, in yours nearby , always exist several people, It often exist various the words point to you.
   Various deny you, and scold, said oneself it nothing value.
   Like were said grow up not pretty, When go outside as has threat the others people, Like were said the character bad, go change, Like were said the work nothing what the value at all, There is should recognize oneself at present position.
    Who said these words the folks,  It possible were relative, It possible were colleagues, Perhaps it were oneself like the folks.
   When have things or no busy who always enjoy point to you a few words, whatever when, that always like to press you.
  If have one day, amid your life, When have appear as this folks, You'd better don't too serious it.
   You not so much think the method as you always scold and blame you by others, Far away these people.

   That always by blame, Yours the mood won't good.
    Everyone it actually as the same, It don't wish always by certain people to blame、scold and so on.
    Who just enjoy heard more the sweet the words, who enjoy several  give oneself a piece of praise and encourage.
   Even if have make a mistake by self, It also don't hope always blame by others, either wish have people give self take care, gently whisper told self it no matter, The next time remember attention as well, unnecessary too mind.
   When meet up those folks, by the warm words to treat, who would special glad.
   Converse, When you without do good anythings, Even at all you don't have do anythings and make mistakes, You might got by folks various of hate、blame and pick your flaw, naturally, your mood would suffer the effect.
  even said, Everone life it only for themself, Who should have some principle, shouldn't always to mind the others people talking, and the others people the eye,but the mankind it consequence live in crowd, and live one of same society this big family.
   The many and less, It got effect by near folks, who it would still rather attention the nearby folks it  how to treat oneself.
   Naturally, the mood it suffer the others talking so produce a few wave, whom mood more heavy when the others always talking oneself, couldn't happly up at all, occsional just feeling special the pain.
   When had heard much, No confidence

    Perhaps said, To this world , You indeed so tinny, Yourself also indeed rather usual, Per aspect also as generally, Just very ordinary it has exist, No enough excellent less than many people.
   Nevertheless, In the deeply of yourself, actually you also rather proud, It also hope could has people to inclusion as this your , and love you, who could told you said, actually you rather excellent, who special take care you.
   In this case, When you often could feeling it was a piece of friendly, It was inclusion you, Perhaps you possible really more confidence a few, and more love oneself several, Who more believe oneself all do it actually rather nice.
   But When you if has often hearing, It were a few passive the words, who said to you so bad and terrible, As when you beginning rather confidence,Gradually,You might doubt you.
 Who feeling oneself recognize exist doubt,probably it seems Not right too,Discover oneself too optimistic,Actually it Not how's
   Those nagetive phonics and rate, It possible really cover your confidence, Let you becomes Not confident more and inferiority.
    Slowly, Suppose you if very beautiful , who possible just feeling as generally ,Suppose if you clever, Who often feeling oneself actually foolish, Suppose if you own high value, Who also might feeling oneself it just left spare.
    This the all,that's of course No good, That wasn't you wants it, Also shouldn't was you to face its.
   Soon get far away, go pursuit a piece of comfort.
    When one people it always hasq denny you,said too terrible, the time longer, the effect it possible more deep.
   If don't wantsw make oneself lost more, who enter in terrible place, In the beginning when you feeling Not comfortable, When the other side it always make yourt feeling very sadness, and who always have dout you, So you soon keep on attention, Soon select get away it.
   Whenever this person it was who, You don't to think too much, and don't to give the face,soon get far away that person
   Don't letter the others to destory you,The time enough, You soon possibly, which far away that environment.
   You are a indepdent of invididual, Your lifetime it was yours, You nothing obligation, Must with who life together, without necessary also, Must to bear who always said you too terrible.
 Nothing standard, Just let you feeling a little sorrow, You soon far away it, far away it more far, Soon probably less each have the association, With who life together more comfortable so with who together, With who becomes the friends、the lover, frequently association and contact.
   The person of this lifetime, You self wants to be what form people, You go to pick, Let who could appear in your life, You could make a decision, good to pick up the one.
    That's your lifetime, You don't need always explain to who, You just need good take care yourself, Follow self's ideas to do.
   Who always said you terrible that people, It might really feel your certain aspect has a bit flaw, perhaps it probably was suppose!
   Its goal was denny and press you down, Because who envy you so various of against you.
    Whatever it were which the situation, and whatever the other side it was because what so do this, You didn't to ask the reason, You only do just keep on a space, If could avoid so soon avoid, When you couldn't, so yours are less touch link.
   Unless it was necessary, So don't have anythings each touch soon, Let IT disappeared in your life.
   Get far away as this person, Your the mood it might more comfort a little, So oneself won't suffer too much of nagetive effect aways.
   So you would have the better mood to do anythings, to do you wants to do things.
   The people's life it short and don't enough for one hundred, You don't need grievence yourself, always to bow head to people,the more near your that several people, the more need each frequently contact that several people, the more you should good to pick it,go to pick up it were had recognize you and inclusion you of that people。


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