A couple life whether match, it will have a few sign

  In the world, didn't exist two completely match the soul, also it is said, who want found one with self 100 percent that match object, that usually it was not reality.
    When looking object, When enjoy one people, We are permit other side and self, have some different place, weren't anythings it were so very agreement, had a inclusion heart.
   When certain people its most advantage of self want, a few small shortcoming,No necessary too care
   Suppose if always want look found a quite satisfy, We are at all cann't find it, who would disoppointment in the end.
of course, We to incluaion, to accept, But it don't as said, whatever that people it is who, it is what situation, don't go to care, entire accept, still understand how to pick.
   Just rather have some wasn't quite satisfy that people, could gradually to adjustment life, When certain each didn't match, also the better don't to inclusion, don't reluctantly, Could reluctantly tempodary, couldn't always reluctantly down in the end, When two people together certainly didn't match, also would appear a few the sign.
   Both each association No one channel, No method common mutual to communication
    Everyone talking, With different people chat, its feeling completely different
    Some people, it could bring us pleasure, the others side always could very good know us talking meaning, We always good understand opposite side their talking core point, each between didn't anythings obstacle, each both sense quite pleasure.
   But it always a few time, We with one people together, which really might discover, each between it was don't method to communication, the others-side always probably would misunderstand ours meaning, completely couldn't listen know ours talking, both each it at all don't on one of the channel.
    Two people get along life, the communication it always of very important point, If with a people couldn't have a good communication, so it was don't have a good each both exchange, so that people, probably really each don't match.
    Whatever the other side it is has how beautiful, Whatever other side it is has how ability and has what popular in crowd, entire it wasn't ours that match people.
Not match at present, in the future same too, each reluctantly together, which would caused very special pain.
 Whoever don't method to considerate who and recognize who, If has it probably just mutual torment, all think otherside ridiculous.
 So suppose if one person don't have that desire with another people exchange, Whenever said what, all sense very dislike, whatever didn't want to speak and to do, whatever it is beacuse what, We better don't go compromise, difinitely with others together life, We should done it, belongs soon far away it.
   Life custom, No method to adapt
  Growth up environment not different, every people its think not different,their recognize not similar, and their life ways also very with huge difference.
  For instance, several people their rather thrifty, always think how save money, afraid self cost one penny, who hurry up put money deposit the bank, absolutely couldn't dislike those generous and various casually the money out.
    In ordinary life, a few people their very enjoy clean and neat, very attention hygiene, tidy home very clean, cann't bear any dirty mess and terrible.
  That always like thrifty people, If when it with one people that a very enjoy generous spend money,Were very diffcult to change self's habit,also won't don't have spend self's money, could accept it, Just would various wants to intervene others side.
    Who special love hygiene that people, When it meeting one always dislike replace daily clothes, dislike take a shower, casually enjoy throw rubblish, also couldn't to bear that people.
    It weren't a people single side frown down look that people, When us hate that people meanwhile, the others also give us same atittude.
  Each mutual it really very diffcult for others make a decision to change, also very diffcult recognize others of their life custom, just would feeling the others quite ridiculous, no method recognize, then they each have thought ever to correct, gradually would caused the more didn't have that patient, all so disappointment.
    Changed one person,that is never easy, If you wants to change one person, so attempt the others follow self's standard do, From one start go to look a with self economic similiar, it rather good, both each might rather match.
    Had thought life, the goal difference giant
    for in the future, per-people it actually own oneself idea.
 It weren't all people own great dreams and carrer heart, focus on always wants done archivement, also it weren't all people, only wants life simple and plain, they only beg life ordinary.
    If for in the future, both each appearence gaint, didn't have method do agreement, also don't have method respect others side, so, each it really wasn't too match , Suppose if together, the early or later might appear new branch.
  Too own pursuit of that people, which would frown down others don't have career heart, Just want life plain, who would feeling others too hardship, too high high stand up , at all cannot give others side it wants that life form.
    Both side agreement feeling couldn't give self want that life, also each feeling self at beginning whether have pick wrong that person.
  With a person marriaged, both each still of independent individual, But both each actually became a whole.
   Should each both them own one common of goal, each's target, also should rather agreement, each mutual common support opposite side.
    Who could done have common pursuit, recognize both side of pursuit, with others side common advance, this relationship perhaps more solid, so each won't appear more huge branch opinion.
   Couple relation, it wasn't causally look a people, told others, Oneself wasn't single yet, oneself have finished the task.
    We are seek, it is another of yourself, It was the children's parent, It was oneself of happiness in the future.
    If choice not same, ours future, Might really won't different, even it was great appearence.
   therefore, whenever, on this the key point, We difinitely don't easy casually, Thought clearly yourself on earth wants what, Thought clearly yourself on earth how object most match self , Go found that person of yours lifetime object.
    Need remember don't casually find certain people get along life, gradually make the object becomes that match yours people。
    From one beginning, found a quite match, both could agreement satisfy.
  Two people together, a few small shortcoming, who could adjustment and inclusion, A few rather giant bad shortcoming, It don't have more change, It only belongs original that image, at all didn't.have too much of change.


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