One man love you its some act appearance

     Upon a long time what the car and the horse so slow, a lifetime only could love one people. 
  In current, the love seems become usually more.
 Plenty of people at all them no love each, also remains life get along, who do it only the lovers between have it do, it too really would walk enter in marriage. plenty of people them just familiar, they are begining talking various of the honey words, a set of self has how love the object, but when certain people once turn the body after, which might too put this words to the others, also just this reason, plenty of people no longer believe the love, though who believe, also not believe self probably meet as this, could to say, in current era the man and the woman, for the love, in heart since it is desire and too sense pessimism.
 Who have to admit, this era of the love, plenty of between the man and the woman, it is really don't have so sincerely, but actually wo are don't too  pessimism, who really no longer believe the love.
   It is still have the women, sincerely the heart who love that the man, also it still have the men, would real love the women, while when certain the man really so love you, you also completely could sense it
   so generous for you, not defend it at money aspect.
    In love, the money it is a very sensitive of the topic, that each just familiar, just each get along, advice proper to know the object of economic situation, but the better it is don't too cost the object the money, even who wants to control the object the wealth.
   When the each relationshop not how the stable, so it would show some too over the adge, also very easy make the object doubt you purppose.
   But with yours the relationship gradually plus deeply, both life together the time have became long then, even both had get marriaged, one of love you that the man, on money aspect, He difinitely won't defend you in money.
     within the ability range, He would willing spend the money for you, that generous take you out to eat the good and drink, Give you some of you enjoy the anythings.
   Besides, his family economic bottom, He would willing to support you, also he willing as his the money as your.
   In his inner heart deep, He would directly let you as his lifetime a part,  who let you as a the whole, that feeling you are his lifetime intimate, the man spend the money on you body that's should, self the money also as yours.
    Who won't always afraid you cost his the money, won't always worry suppose certain one day each apart, self have what no deserve.
   He at all don't have think so far, also don't have to think with you apart, just for you special bright, his willing for you payout the more, feeling the money spend on you body, that's a piece of very happiness the stuff.
    Care your the things, When you are need which him in here
    If with one man life together, He always not care you whether like what and your emotion, When you are just busy, He always hide you, so whatever you are what relationship, his in heart actually don't have you exist.
    love you that people, it is won't always hide and ignore you, opposite of he would quite curious your stuff, he always wants know your the all, completely don't willing miss anythings with you relate to..
   You like what and dislike, He would remember in heart, You funny or not funny, He would suffer the effect.
     Every when you meet what the trouble, His even won't directly not care, He would very worry about you, follow you around, also help you resolution the issue, suppose you rather good in current, He comfortable down.
 In per when you need him moment, Just him has the spare time, He won't give up to see you.
 If suppose when he no method come your body in current, also would soon deal with in current the task finish it , then come to your body, think various of the ways to help you, make you soon get rid of  stuffs, the whole person soon good up.
    Won't easy give up, willing with you common to defend
    Too much of the instance, two people originally very good together, But in certain a day, When the woman has ill, the body has appear what issue, or the woman has meeting what not good the stuffs, the situation became not good, the men also would directly depart.
   Too or, When certain a day of the man has thrive, Has a thrive the career, who would directly abandon that the body woman.
  Don't have anything, each could good,once has some little action
Just would choose apart.
   But unbearable any diffcult, also couldn't common share thrive men, His in heart might own the love, But that piece of the love, in the en it is shallow, the more it is benifit self only.
    Who really love you that people, 
    He is won't do it as above, certainen once has choice you, He would willing with you together go to experience various...
    Whatever it is your the health has been appeared problem、 your the career has been met difficult or your family , He won't easy to give you, Just choice get ride of, make self not suffer the link effect.
     The same, suppose certain a day, he has thriving, He also would still follow your the body, with you together to bear various of sour、sweet、bitter and spicy.
     Not only because of his responsibility, drive him go to do , the more he own you in his heart, choice you, who want always for you responsibility, whatever has happened what, also still the start of heart not changed, If you no away him, He also won't give up you.
    One man if really so love its act show, His money willing for you cost、his heart  and his in future.
    In his body round, You really would deeply sense, You are love、treat、precious by him.
    It isn't for a times of discuss the love, so caused with you both together, it isn't for get marriage find people, so find you.
  His in eyes own you, See you eyes has filled the love meaning, You are each the love of little little drop drop, in plenty of detail, You would sense differen to you, and he give you carefully sincerely.
    You are very ordinary, But he feeling you very special, you are unique.
    Bascially, just you good to treat him, He won't changed the heart, Won't do some sorry of yours between the emotion.
    Hot energy would soon away, But he want with good to life that heart, it always in here.


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