Has a form of people, It just waiting for a certain person

A single one, Seems also have numerous forms, some people single one yet, It‘s really don’t wants talk about love, don‘t want to get married as well, It feeling two people so trouble, One person life so well, too。
   They enjoy single one, They didn‘t sense the marriage it’s necessary, who also really No easy entrance marriage with who。
  Another some people, although seems to look like a single one, don‘t have ever with who have association relationship, don’t have ever accompany self have love person, but around have pals each association always, Never lack any person。
  Throughout, who had many of the love person association, also have many of the relationship special good people。 exclusion this two kinds of form, more have so some people, in many of years they always are single one, them isn‘t don’t wants talk about loves, either they throughout didn‘t have met themselves of like that person。
  Certainly, has a kind of single one, the surface it looks like hasn‘t any desire, actually, they within heart quite desire, The all of the stuff, It just for waiting, It is waiting for the certain person, who come by self。
  Within heart, Who hope could touch
   Realized the certain girl, who familiar for ten years, She always belongs of a single one, in this period, had numerous aspect very excellent condition of men love her, But she has been refused full, from beginning to end, she even didn‘t have for anyone left a bit the chance, don't have that ideas who want to touch the certain person。
   When a certain person smile at her hinting who loves her, she directly and explicitly expresses not comfortable, expressing each other won‘t have any probably, then making him give up choice。 don‘t waste time on her body。
  Many times, numerous guesses, she should have some little issue, however, actually, she didn‘t have, Just in her heart, throughout hiding that person。
   Numerous person seems like this, in a certain age, Who met a special love him people, that person whenever from character to appearance almost amazing to him, Just pity, each other yet don‘t have happened what, each other love just shooting, Yet already starting apart。 Then, that person has gone different place, beginning a new life, But always couldn‘t put down ever。
   apart after has forgotten, No longer back to think, remains has some people would always to remember it, who always let that love hide up。 With one people always like the past of memory, She really won‘t love any person again, Whatever he has too excellent and perfect, also at all won’t love again or respond... time flies, she just will feel, self with that people doesn‘t over, have a chance, She always on there waiting each could meeting again, continue together that a day again。
   No meeting enjoy that person, wants to wait for him again。
    The person more reaches a certain age, We more clearly realized, Who met love that person, it is very not easy, while say in this world always have people suitable self, But wants to be met that it‘s need definitely fortunately。
  Many times, one person live has reached tweety years, Really has probably who met that person very like him, don‘t have met others ever, yet reach the certain age, certainly have many people, at all couldn't quiet down self within heart, Hurry up love certain person, this also make self looks like has lover, also married。 But also have some people not less, She unwilling low-quality life, unwilling together life of those, unlike people。
   Couldn't do and include him

into self, the life, couldn’t do with him some ultimate action, couldn‘t do with him together life this lifetime, Just life with him didn’t have any emotions, Just so tired the life。
   With around people gradually enter the marriage, She remains has kept on, She remains to think to keep on waiting。
   Waiting certainly a day, on walk march, Right now meeting a person of very like him, meanwhile, he also like self, each have that fate, really wants with each together common life this lifetime, also could each association very pleasure。
   No met that person before, She is at all unwilling to waste time to unlike that person on the body, Just wants a single one first, good life in advance。
   Previously let self so excellent and mature, When meeting the others after, For others good of image。 perhaps she doesn‘t know herself needs to wait how long, Even if not met others, She also willing wants always to waiting that person。
  Has a kind of single one, wasn‘t not believe the love and wasn’t not want married, Just they not willing have a low-quality life。 one lifetime so long, not want slight love certain person, also not want slight with one person together。
   Waiting, If in the heart has that person, so always to waiting that person appears, waiting that person reach self around, The best of it is, self go action! go to hold on to him。
   Because the others not definitely clearly who have person are waiting for self, suppose feeling have those probably, also not definitely has so brave。
   Since had the target, keep on waiting, that‘s impossible, waiting to wait, each other probably no longer have the result。
   While If in heart no person, the body around also don‘t have what person could choose, waiting for while。
   But might wait, couldn‘t always stay up home, whenever things unwilling to do, just fantasy certain person could right now appear at self home gate, say what also want with self together life。
   Must effort go hunting, go to do some stuff, good go-to hold on, effort attempt


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