With certain person have an oppointment

an oppointment   A Week ago of accept a date, a week after go to    Who consider if go there too late not well, so,  I plan rather early aheading out    Actually also for many stay a while, who could early back the home, after all afternoon has other stuff to do.    Because of nearer,  because of also want walk, So I choose the walking to go.    Take some gifts for the children who   care pick up , This one an advanced for prepared.Sine bought a cartoon of the milk, original wants bought the fruits, that pity haven't found it in resident district, But the gifts plus the milk, it has enough yet.      Go to other family, two hands empty  arrive the others family that's unfriendly, that's has the basicly of the  enomly, the gifts looks it's oaky.    When arrived after, aheading front unit gate go, which see a man take a small girl walk out, who in heart guess, whether right now it's friends of husband or his daughter, walk near a look, it is amazing, that's what a

A good marriage, They have the common character

.   When single one, One person wants discuss the love, would want to get married to an object.    Before each other enter in marriage, in our heart,  We always the marriage it's holy, should it's very romantic and happiness, But when really get married after, for marriage,most of people haven`t harvest that feel, that some said the marriage very holy, opposite of them life a little painful, terrible painful than one person life.   often or occasional can't count of battle and quarrel, and various of cold battle, feeling the life it's couldn't go on at all.    Too much of marriage, haven't imagined that shape, just not how.   But remains has some of the marriage, although also exist some little problem, But each other very honest, who feels could met the others, it's fortunate.   unfortunately of marriage, various unfortunate,  while the happiness of marriage, most of people very similar.    on certain of scale, stable life of the basic, it is materials   Al

Fortunately has been rejected by certain person

  The morning right setting the phone back of the normal model, who has found received a massage。    It‘s previous of an aunt send out who live in neighborhood resident life district the place, Under the general situation, we less each chat, who saw her send out the voice message, sense she is as medium person who helps introduce object。    Open it has a look, obviously, asked my younger brother whether has girlfriend, said the past has a ladies contact me who claim help her younger sister look a boyfriend, She at that time feel her around didn‘t the boys, Now occasional think up my younger brother, so asked me, help my younger brother introduce a girlfriend。     Heard her this to said, certainly very glad in current, have person help introduce boyfriend, original it is a good thing, life circle too small couldn‘t find the girlfriend, always through a path, have probably broken the at present of status。    Certainly, I also don‘t accept casually introduce, so previously plan deep famil

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Don‘t be has a sexual relationship with anyone

  Upon a long time, basically both men and women each have a sexual relationship while they get married, before married, regularly they each are pure, won‘t have any over constraint action。    that‘s a custom, also people’s common of  realized。   Nowadays, with the era develop, the men and women, early already unnecessary have a sexual relationship before when both get married, before married also could good feeling several ultimate actions。 but we promise could acceptable body touch before married, this is very normal, nothing what couldn‘t to do, Just each body touch get married before who must have definitely comply principle, absolutely couldn’t with anyone has the body touch。    If doesn‘t love a certain person, definitely couldn’t has sex relationship with anybody    always has several person, As them single one as well、 while in love as well、 get married after as well, always not satisfied in current of self, who like to look for some fresh taste。    then, suppose self not famil

Has a form of people, It just waiting for a certain person

A single one, Seems also have numerous forms, some people single one yet, It‘s really don’t wants talk about love, don‘t want to get married as well, It feeling two people so trouble, One person life so well, too。    They enjoy single one, They didn‘t sense the marriage it’s necessary, who also really No easy entrance marriage with who。   Another some people, although seems to look like a single one, don‘t have ever with who have association relationship, don’t have ever accompany self have love person, but around have pals each association always, Never lack any person。   Throughout, who had many of the love person association, also have many of the relationship special good people。 exclusion this two kinds of form, more have so some people, in many of years they always are single one, them isn‘t don’t wants talk about loves, either they throughout didn‘t have met themselves of like that person。   Certainly, has a kind of single one, the surface it looks like hasn‘t any de

Put down certain person most valid the ways

   Too much the emotions, at the beginning has much love, then caused and recap had too much of disgusting     Who disgusting self too regards, opposite side back as dogs bite oneself, Who disgusting self too much positive energy, finally wasn‘t treasure by certain people。    Ascertain person has abandoned us, Even we very understand, who has known in a heart filled full of complaint, that‘s so not good, It won’t affect the others-side, Opposite it would affect yourself, But we are remains couldn‘t do finish it suppose doesn’t disgusting。    What kinds of not good emotions, at all needn‘t us immediately to thinking, It would naturally pour out。   either when we go to a disgusting certain person, we are even would thinking wants to do a little what, makes others-side feel complaint, we have that ideas, Just we are very clearly, We consume lots of energy and the time for others, even consume us the life, If only it is this, especial so don‘t deserve。 The more disgusting, the more shallow