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A couple life whether match, it will have a few sign

  In the world, didn't exist two completely match the soul, also it is said, who want found one with self 100 percent that match object, that usually it was not reality.     When looking object, When enjoy one people, We are permit other side and self, have some different place, weren't anythings it were so very agreement, had a inclusion heart.    When certain people its most advantage of self want, a few small shortcoming,No necessary too care    Suppose if always want look found a quite satisfy, We are at all cann't find it, who would disoppointment in the end. of course, We to incluaion, to accept, But it don't as said, whatever that people it is who, it is what situation, don't go to care, entire accept, still understand how to pick.    Just rather have some wasn't quite satisfy that people, could gradually to adjustment life, When certain each didn't match, also the better don't to inclusion, don't reluctantly, Could reluctantly tempodary, coul

mother‘s request to her daughter of boyfriend

At 18-19 of age, ,should have many people had the boy/girlfriend,, however, opposite of 19 old years of me,look a boyfriend the age young than me one-year ,don‘t know how many people have early love,opposite of me it‘s belongs that one,It’s just in primary second grade。   since that incident happened after,per times while mother talk this boyfriends topic,she always said the age too young don‘t hurry to love,should focus on study,when I grow up some,to 16-17 old years,she will with me to say,absolutely cannot look from rural person,of course myself identify origin from rural,sometime it‘s don’t understand why so look down the person while a certain person comes from rural,mybe it‘s themself already experience that one poverty life,want to let me the better life than her or else    I so less with mother talk boyfriend this topic,because while I talk up this who will say so many this topic too,sometime I don‘t like to listen   Since I over 18 old years then,she will introduce kinds of th