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Don't frown upon it never has loved by certain people

    That people never has loved, It was didn't worth to touch?     Amid blind date, Nemerous people might would meet  that several person, The object of age in a fact not little yet, But it never has to loved, The experience of emotions was blank, Never loved with others ever.         To like this people, Might Not less of people would preceive exist frown.     Preceive the object never has loved, That was really incredible, It whether hide what problem? So caused like this case, otherwise, A normal the person, It impossible didn't loved.     Which would quite directly has like this ideas, When has like this ideas after, Merely just this one of problem might denny to object.     Then directly rejected with object to mutual contact, Put the object  outside of self life circle and exclusion.     Amid reality life, The men as well and the women,too. Nemerous were this ideas, and do it,too. Actually, Wecould let the mood relaxed a few.    Perhaps the person was kinkly, Coincidence

the past of love

Yingzi sit on the train toward go to her old village road, by close the windows, look at the  windows out that a flashlight past of field, Look at the west sunset of the sky just as  incompleted lifetime, her memory just like go back to the ten years ago that a beautiful  night, Yes, At the hometown lead down, such a sunset like a huge fireball, in trees shadow  shine, a couple of shadows, YINGZI and XIAOQIANG, Just college graduated both young  people, talk about them will be face to face of the choose,” lying, Why did you go to  Beijing, we’re along with coorperate development, Not well? We can together struggle, the same can  make life get better,Yingzi said;”Xiaoqiang,we each other ideas not  same, here is too  poverty, I think the outside world fits me,Xiaoqiang,we separate away”yingzi the fancy eyes  inflow out tears,” No, we don’t separate, I wait for you, wait you come back!” the words  filled decision. the sunset falls down, the sad person in the sea corner.  Yingzi apart her