Each of us hurries past of the arms,don't keep down memory

  After then,many of after then,You understand the finally,What the stuff who take for you,and what the things missing you are。

    Unable go out myself made of confused,used to of alas,and also have used to his eyes in of you, not regular repeat,so that It's easy to make him confuse,make self habit of people。 and whenever  the memory in always don't

want to dump and scared face to that mushy of love。 Believe one time of as fairy as nice,expectly a few not certainly of perfect。 It's early to know didn't have result,but still to insist it。 It's can be to say silly to insist。 because that obtain many of and many of insisting and firm,much too of describe and beauty,and too much and too real of trust and effort。

   Ever of the love imagine to be beautiful of fairy tale,So make you be imagine became the perfect prince from the love of the fairy stories。 however, You just are a guest,there are a few not different。 accidentally a few to miss。

   Escape the weak people that want to build the heart of the castle。You,isn't weak,It's courage!brave to defense lonely。 so you escape It's not your heart,It's yourself set of claim perfectivity。

   Look at you that some sorrow of words, understands your mood, It's not understood while him at you in heart,and your eyes of special。

Who is giving up the insist and give up the concere?and who miss forgot of young of age time and left the pure?

   Don't have!

   Just you and only just you。 You told yourself have many times,all the things are the result of fate,It not belongs to the youth,and It not belongs to insist。 Only that not will go on bother,also have that people will get forgive。

   You know the life is various of,and also to know the life so simple ,even It's simple to ordinary。

    Just beginning think the powerful only the love,until now to acknowledge that are the time,is changed!

   Understand finally, be trusted fianlly!

    It's just for you original,Own the original of naive and insists ,Also have just a bit of,inferiority。

   He still belongs to him,That praise you of person ,so funniest of him ever。

    Don't wish he forgot you,and also fear that a sheet of memory Just resource his relationship

   I Will miss you,miss your breath every time

    will far away,far away from his happiness every of memory in your mind

    Final or finally,You still not have make him to understand really。 You do care about him,the care about of him the more ,the more afraid of you in her heart of that image,Becaus of you unable to change who your character in his eyes finally,He recognized you suspicious and means。 The sole of can't see your emotions deep thick,Your care about。

   so think that forever,writting,gradually,the gradual with words to answer self,each of us hurry past of the arms, don't keep down memory。

    There are kinds of insisting Nothing any value,there are kinds of treasure clalled:follow the windy to go!


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